The AQUINO PROMISES TRACKER aims to monitor the promises made by President Benigno Aquino III to the Filipino nation. collected dozens of promises, in topics ranging from taxes to textbooks. The majority of these promises came from Aquino's 10-point agenda, which he outlined during his campaign. Other promises are from his statements during the campaign and during his first days in office. If a new promise is made, it will be included in this site.

The Aquino administration's action on each promise is rated by in two levels: first, if the promise is being acted upon, and then, once finished, if the promise is kept, broken, or a compromise is reached. The status of the promises will be updated regularly.

Comments? Suggestions? Think we missed out on a promise Aquino made? Need more information? Read the Frequently Asked Questions at the About page.

The SONA may be a report from the President on the country's progress, but as President Benigno Aquino III said, he serves his "boss", the people of the Philippines.

What do you want Aquino to emphasize in the SONA, and what do you think would not be relevant? As Aquino's "boss", tweet your views, using hashtags #inSONA and #notinSONA.