Promise 63: Improve ratio of security forces to population

Posted at 07/25/2010 1:03 AM | Updated as of 07/25/2014 1:18 AM

The Promise

"We will aim to improve the ratio of security forces to our growing population."


The Aquino campaign platform: Action plans on Peace and Development 

In progress

February 18, 2014: Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas today ordered the Philippine National Police (PNP) to fast-track the hiring of civilians or non-uniformed personnel (NUPs) in their organization to boost the number of policemen fighting crimes in the streets. (Continue Reading)

November 28, 2012: The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) approved the recruitment of 335 new police officers to improve police-to-population ratio and enhance the police visibility program of the Philippine National Police (PNP). (Continue reading)

July 24, 2012: In his speech about the national budget for 2013 at the House of Representatives, President Benigno Aquino III said the Department of National Defense (DND) will be given a P121.6-billion budget in 2013, a budget that is 12.5 percent higher than in 2012. This may help in recruitment of people to join the armed forces. (Continue reading)

July 2, 2012: In a statement, the Philippine National Police said it inducted 5,321 recruits into the police service to fill up requirements of Police Regional Offices for more warm bodies for police visibility and anti-crime operations. (Continue reading)

July 6, 2012: Shorter people now have a chance to rise to the highest positions in the Philippines armed forces after the country's top military academy lowered its height requirement. "With the previous height requirement, many Filipino youth who had a good educational background and were physically fit, were disenfranchised from the opportunity of being able to take the entrance examination," he said. (Continue Reading)

March 20, 2012: Philippine President Benigno Aquino said Tuesday more US troops would be welcome to rotate through the Southeast Asian nation, but ruled out permanent bases. (Continue Reading