Promise 2: Government transparency: opening up government transactions

Posted at 07/25/2010 12:02 AM | Updated as of 07/24/2014 11:02 PM

The Aquino Administration will ensure transparency and citizen’s participation in crafting and implementing laws, rules and regulations and in monitoring the programs, projects and transactions of government.

Promise 5: Zero-based budgeting system

Posted at 07/25/2010 12:05 AM | Updated as of 07/24/2014 11:03 PM

An Aquino Administration will put into place a “zero-based” budgeting system to enhance transparency and improve efficiency.

Promise 6: Government appointments: follow civil service eligibility rules

Posted at 07/25/2010 12:06 AM | Updated as of 07/24/2014 11:03 PM

Qualification standards, especially on eligibility, will be strictly followed, and at least half of the positions of Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries will be filled by honest and competent career civil servants to ensure continuity and sustainability of effective policies and programs.


Promise 10: Target key industries with greatest potential for growth

Posted at 07/25/2010 12:10 AM | Updated as of 07/24/2014 11:06 PM

The Aquino administration will have broad-based and inclusive economic growth through increased incomes by generating quality jobs and attracting more investments.

Promise 11: Promote entrepreneurship

Posted at 07/25/2010 12:11 AM | Updated as of 07/24/2014 11:06 PM

The Aquino administration promote entrepreneurship that provides employment, helping small and medium firms with access to credit and diffusion of technologies and skills.