A Happy Easter to all of us!

Posted at 04/09/2012 3:50 PM

Easter this year has particularly been meaningful for me.

First, I’m inspired to find Filipinos all over the world who continue to be concerned for their Motherland.

It is this discovery that has energized and heartened me,  what my hubby Alan calls “bayanihan in the cyber-age.”

I also think many of those gathering around my website are Filipinos who had left their country by the millions and who now have decided to make their voices heard.

The clueless trolls and goons who try to attack their viewpoint and mine are the ones who need to get real.

Second, I myself have been writing for over a decade mainly for foreign readers , trying to make them understand our country. Last year I decided it was time for me to also find a way to help back home. This blog is my way of coming home and trying to help make a difference.

I believe in new beginnings, having witnessed this dramatically in the life of one nation.