The 2012 SONA

Posted at 07/16/2012 12:07 PM

My Dear Countrymen, listen up.

This is about the time when I am to report on the state of our beloved nation. You will be glad to know everything is, if I may say so myself, all good.

GMA awaits trial. This took some legal derring-do but now it is done.

The Chief Justice has been unseated, admittedly with a little, ok a lot, of help from himself. He just had too many political debts to pay, so we are really better off without him.

Both GMA and Corona were not something I enjoyed doing but somebody had to do it.  That is why you elected me, that is my job.

I am now searching for a Chief Justice. There are many applicants some of whom are my friends –we go shooting together- but friendship will not be a factor. I am looking for an honest person of law, a patriot, a visionary and a leader with the passion to reform the judiciary.  I am aware of the importance of the position, so not to worry, I will not leave you with a lemon.

On the economy,