RH: Let’s Keep It Simple

Posted at 08/12/2012 1:30 PM

When the recent floods are being touted as God’s displeasure with the RH Bill, it is perhaps time to bring sanity back to the debate.

To recap, the bill(s) seeks (1) voluntary family planning for adults (2) mandatory sex education for children and (3) contraceptives for those requesting them, to be funded by Government.

The arguments for RH are:
1. Over-population exacerbates poverty.
2. People should have the choice to informed family planning and a healthy sex life without the responsibility of child rearing.
3. People have the right to Government subsidized contraceptives.
4. The money is well spent since it alleviates the state from the future consequences – crime, health and education costs, etc. -of an unsustainable population.

The arguments against are:
1. A growing population enhances economic development.
2. Sex education and contraceptives encourage promiscuity.
3. Mandatory sex education violates freedom of choice (not to be so educated), constitutes “religious persecution” and is therefore unconstitutional.
4. Taxes are better spent elsewhere like in creating jobs.
5. Contraceptives are immoral as they “kill” human beings.

Both sides present their polls to prove their case. Depending on whom you ask- rich residents of Alabang with existential ideas or those in Tondo dealing with the realities of life- you will get differing answers; so numbers are not a good way to settle the argument.