4 money mistakes that Pinoys should learn from

MANILA – Saving and spending money the right way may be difficult for some, but registered financial planner Randell Tiongson said it’s because we have a tendency to complicate financial matters.Full article

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Valuable personal finance lessons from Henry Sy

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Apple $450M e-book settlement gets final court approval

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NEW YORK - A U.S. judge on Friday gave final approval to Apple Inc's agreement to pay $450 million to resolve claims it harmed consumers by conspiring with five publishers to raise e-book prices. Full article


A look at how world's ultra-rich are getting much richer

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WASHINGTON - A bare 0.004 percent of the world's adult population controls nearly $30 trillion in assets, 13 percent of the world's total wealth, according to a new study released Thursday.

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Should you do business with relatives, friends?

Employees talk to each other at an office in Budapest, Hungary. -- Photo by Bernadett Szabo, Reuters When starting a business, should you ask a relative or friend to join?