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Woman accidentally shoots herself while taking selfie

MOSCOW - A young Russian woman accidentally shot herself in the head with a pistol while posing for a selfie, Russian news agencies reported Friday, citing police.

Sold! to the man with $12,400: a pair of Japanese melons

TOKYO, Japan - A single pair of premium melons fetched an eye-watering 1.5 million yen ($12,400) at an auction in Japan on Friday.

DepEd textbook: Harry Potter is from US

We all make mistakes, but it's another story when your mistake is supposed to be taught to thousands of Pinoy kids.

Job alert: Saudi Arabia looking for 8 new executioners

Saudi Arabia is advertising for eight new executioners, recruiting extra staff to carry out an increasing number of death sentences, usually done by public beheading.

LOOK: This moonfish is warm-blooded

Move over, mammals and birds, and make room for a fish called the opah in the warm-blooded club.

Why midwives bared breasts in Argentina

Argentine midwives and activists staged an unusual protest Thursday, picketing topless in front of the health ministry to demand the right to give birth at home.

Man admits killing stepdad with 'atomic wedgie'

An Oklahoma man has pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter for asphyxiating his stepfather with the underwear he was wearing in a move police dubbed an "atomic wedgie," court officials said

Japan heading for toilet diplomacy

TOKYO - Japan is readying to lift the lid on what could be its most effective global marketing gimmick yet: the high-tech toilet seat.

Please don't drunkenly chase the bears, Massachusetts police urge

BOSTON (Reuters) - Add a new worry to the list facing police officers in western Massachusetts: People getting drunk and chasing bears.

Lost New Zealand woman survives on breast milk

A New Zealand woman says she survived being lost in rugged wilderness by drinking her own breast milk and burying herself in dirt.