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Crying Japanese politician quits over funds scandal

An assemblyman in western Japan's Hyogo Prefecture, whose hysterical weeping at a press conference was widely circulated on the Internet, resigned Friday over his dubious spending of public funds, assembly officials said.

An Ohio man's quest to make potato salad cooks up $50,000

All Zack Danger Brown wanted to do was make potato salad and find a few dollars for ingredients. He has amassed 4,000 supporters, and at one point on Tuesday, about $50,000 in financial support from a campaign on Internet fundraiser Kickstarter.

Pilot of delayed flight buys pizza for whole plane

Domino's pizza manager Andy Ritchie has taken a lot of orders, but never one quite like this: to feed an entire plane full of hungry, delayed passengers, stuck on the tarmac.  

US farmer's lost iPhone found in Japan 9 months later

OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma farmer is celebrating the return of a cell phone lost in October and found nine months later in Japan after it took a trip in a grain shipment down the Mississippi River, through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific Ocean.

Football: Chinese website sells 'Suarez bite' bottle openers

Chinese online stores are cheekily trying to cash in on Uruguay striker Luis Suarez's notorious bite of an opponent at the World Cup by selling bottle openers with his image.

World hotdog eating champ wins again, proposes marriage

NEW YORK - America's reigning hot dog-eating champion earned his eighth consecutive world title in New York Friday, but took a moment before inhaling 61 dogs to propose to his girlfriend -- who said yes.

Sex is good for World Cup players

It might be hard to stand up in court but evidence is mounting that sex is good for footballers - at least in this World Cup.

A bite of fun? Suarez inspires Swedish sex toy

For those who may in fact fancy a nibble from disgraced Uruguay striker Luis Suarez, an online Swedish sex shop has come up with just the thing.

Virgin Mary image in Cebu crying blood?

Dalawang linggo nang pinagkakaguluhan ang isang maliit na kapilya sa Cebu dahil sa umano'y isang paghihimala. Pinaniniwalaan ng mga residente roon na lumuha ng dugo ang isang imahen ng Birheng Maria.

Hundreds queue to see 'Titan's Penis' giant flower

NANTES - Hundreds of curious visitors braved long queues in the French city of Nantes on Monday to catch a rare glimpse of an enormous flower dubbed "Titan's Penis" that appears only once a decade.