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Peruvian, 116, stakes claim to oldest-woman crown

LIMA - A 116-year-old Peruvian living in extreme poverty in the heart of the Andes is in the running to become the oldest person in the world.

Japan travel agent forgets booking, forges suicide note

TOKYO - A Japanese travel agent who forgot to book a fleet of buses for a school trip tried to cover his tracks by forging a student's suicide note in a failed bid to get the excursion cancelled.

Canada fishing community fears exploding whale

OTTAWA -- A tiny fishing community in Canada's island province of Newfoundland faced an unusual threat Tuesday: a giant blue whale that washed up onto its shores may explode.

Alarm clock causes bomb scare near US embassy

A bomb scare at a hotel in front of the United States embassy in Manila was apparently caused by a housekeeper who mistook an alarm clock for a "dynamite with a timer," an official said Monday.

Newspaper apologises for 'world is fukt' headline

SYDNEY - The Australian financial newspaper which accidentally published a front-page headline reading "World is Fukt" apologised on Monday to its readers for the error-ridden edition.

Pope Francis in hot water over phone calls

Pope Francis's habit of picking up the phone and cold calling people who write to him is landing the Vatican in hot water and spokesman Federico Lombardi has had enough.

Two 10-year-olds caught selling grandparents' pot at Colorado school

Two 10-year-old boys in Colorado were caught selling and swapping marijuana that they pilfered from their grandparents' supplies of legally purchased pot in separate incidents at the same school, a district official said on Wednesday.

Sriracha hot sauce makers head for next showdown in California

The Southern California makers of the popular Sriracha brand of hot sauce faced another potential showdown on Wednesday with the city of Irwindale over a peppery smell emitted from the company's chili-processing factory in town.

Teen stowaway on flight to Hawaii remains hospitalized

A teenage boy who stowed away on a flight from California to Hawaii in the frozen, oxygen-deprived wheel well of a passenger jet remained hospitalized on Tuesday, two days after his death-defying jaunt over the Pacific Ocean, a Hawaii official said.

Cops in hot water for having inmates ride jeepney

Iniimbestigahan ang 2 pulis sa Bacolod City matapos nilang isakay sa pampasaherong jeep ang 3 detainees. Giit ng pamunuan ng PNP, may paglabag ito sa PNP Manual.