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Judge gives man a choice: get married or go to jail

A 20-year-old East Texas man jumped into a quickly arranged marriage after a judge told him last month he had a choice of getting hitched or spending 15 days in jail on an assault charge.

Family leaves child behind amid holiday rush

A family on their way to the French Riviera for their holidays left their three-year-old daughter in a motorway layby Sunday and drove more than 150 kilometers (90 miles) before realizing they had "forgotten" her, police said.

Are you guilty? US study says most adults have tried 'sexting'

A new US-based study has claimed that nearly 90 percent of adults have sent sexy messages.

Inmate surfs out of prison

A convicted sex offender has escaped from a Norwegian island prison on a surf board, using a plastic shovel to paddle to the mainland, officials said on Wednesday.

Stolen car returned to owner after 22 years

A South African man has been reunited with his car 22 years after it was stolen, thanks to a dogged police investigator.

Arizona man says he beheaded wife 'to get the evil out': police

PHOENIX (Reuters) - An Arizona man who admitted to decapitating his wife and her two dogs in a bloody incident last month in Phoenix told authorities he was attempting "to get the evil out" of her, according to court documents released on Monday.

WATCH: Is this a dog or a teddy bear?

International sensation ngayon ang isang Canadian dog na mukhang teddy bear.

French beach reopened to to public after Saudi takeover

Workers were busily returning a beach in southern France to its previous condition on Monday after the departure of Saudi King Salman, whose commandeering of the coastline had caused uproar among locals.

Liquor laced with Viagra seized in China

Chinese authorities have seized thousands of bottles of spirits laced with chemicals used to make erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, officials said.

Hundreds in Canada rally for women's topless rights

MONTREAL - Topless protesters marched in Waterloo, Ontario Saturday to defend women's rights to go bare-chested, after three sisters were stopped for bicycling semi-nude.