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Danes see bomb threat in French cooking oil

COPENHAGEN – A French group which advocates the use of cooking oil to run vehicles had its novel fuel confiscated by Danish police on the ground it could be used to make bombs during the Copenhagen climate talks.

Athens' Christmas tree gets police guard

ATHENS – The Christmas tree adorning the Athens city center will be given a 24-hour police guard after its predecessor was burned to a crisp during youth riots last year, police said on Friday.

US jazz musician hits wrong note in Spain

MADRID – US jazz saxophonist and composer Lary Ochs says he has "seen it all" after a spectator disrupted a concert in Spain by accusing him of not playing jazz -- and was backed by a policeman on duty.

British police lend Prince Charles money: report

LONDON – Britain's Prince Charles borrowed nearly 3,000 pounds from his protection officers after the royal found himself short of cash and needing to fork out for "travel expenses," a report said Wednesday.

Endangered 'pets' seized from Malaysian apartment

KUALA LUMPUR – A Malaysian woman has been arrested for keeping endangered animals including a leopard cat, a honey bear and a slow loris as pets in her apartment, reports said Tuesday.

Makeup hides neo-Nazi's swastika in court

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - A neo-Nazi gang member went on trial for murder on Monday with his swastika and other tattoos covered by makeup on the order of a Florida judge who thought they could prejudice jurors.

Taiwan 'wig-snatcher' indicted

TAIPEI – A local politician in Taiwan has been charged with defamation after pulling off the wig of a rival lawmaker and then boasting about the incident on his name cards, an official said Tuesday.

Coin tosses can be easily rigged: study

OTTAWA - The ubiquitous coin toss is not so random after all, and can easily be manipulated to turn up heads, or tails, a Canadian study has found.

Prostitutes to offer free sex to UN climate summit participants

COPENHAGEN – Prostitutes of a Danish sex workers association will offer their services for free to delegates of the UN climate summit in Copenhagen, an association official told AFP Saturday.

India to ban baby-tossing festival

BANGALORE - Authorities in southern India plan to ban an age-old ritual that sees babies tossed from the top of a nine-metre (30-foot) temple, officials said Friday.