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Sri Lanka arrests kissing couples

COLOMBO - Sri Lankan police have rounded up hundreds of young lovers for kissing in public following complaints that the overt displays of affection caused embarrassment to others, an official said Thursday.

Indonesian capital warns workers over World Cup

JAKARTA – Civil servants in Indonesia's football-mad capital Jakarta have been warned of pay cuts if they turn up late to work during the World Cup, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Galileo lost tooth, fingers go on show in Florence

FLORENCE – A tooth, thumb and finger cut off from the body of renowned Italian scientist Galileo, who died in 1642, go on display this week in Florence after an art collector found them by chance last year.

NASA says: send your face to space

WASHINGTON - For those who don't have millions to pay to become a space tourist, NASA has rolled out a quirky souvenir that lets you send your face (your picture and name, that is) blasting into space.

Restaurant tells diners to eat up or else

SYDNEY – An Australian restaurateur fed up with the waste left by diners has ordered her customers to eat everything on their plates for their sake of the earth or pay a penalty and not return.

New world record for longest poker game

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Poker star Phil Laak eclipsed the world record for the longest consecutive stint of playing the game, putting in more than 79 hours at the table and passing both the official Guinness record as well as the unofficial one recognized in the poker world.

US rocket launch sparks Australia UFO frenzy

SYDNEY – A bright spiralling light, believed by astronomers to be a rocket launched from Cape Canaveral, was spotted in skies across Australia's east coast just before dawn Saturday, sparking a UFO frenzy.

Cow at large negotiates its life back

ZAGREB – A cow that escaped from an abattoir in Croatia has won the right to life as its owners have decided to spare it, a local daily reported on Saturday.

Paper-made towers, windmills, tables anchor Taiwan park

TAICHUNG, Taiwan - The Leaning Tower of Pisa stands precariously enough on its stone base, but a team of Taiwan crafts people has made a sturdy replica of it with nothing but paper scraps.

Trash-coated 'hotel' set up in Rome

ROME - A stone's throw from the Vatican, German artist HA Schult has set up a hotel covered by 12 tonnes of trash to illustrate humans' relationship with the immense quantity of garbage they produce.