3 'taong unggoy' in Nueva Ecija cursed?

Posted at 08/31/13 2:26 AM

MANILA -- "Cursed." This is how some residents of San Jose, Nueva Ecija describe the three children of Cresencia and Santiago Padua.

The Padua couple is blessed with five children. While two of them are "normal," three of them look "unusual."

Having small heads relative to their bodies, brothers Abraham, Edwin and Ali easily caught the attention of neighbors and became the talk of the town.

They were called "taong unggoy."

Cresencia recalled the time she gave birth to her first-born, Abraham.

She said that while Abraham was growing up, she noticed that her son was "different" to other children. He was not speaking and was instead just using hand signs to communicate.

After two years, she gave birth to her second child, Edwin. Unexpectedly, Edwin had the same features as his brother Abraham.

But this did not stop Cresencia from having more children. "Hindi ako nag-dalawang isip na manganak ulit. Baka hindi na ganun."

True enough, her third and fourth children were born "normal." Her fifth child, however, again looked the same as Abraham and Edwin.

"Sabi ng iba mukhang unggoy daw. Sumasama naman ang loob namin," Cresencia lamented.

Not cursed

Abraham, Edwin and Ali were not cursed, according to a psychic interviewed on ABS-CBN's "Hiwaga," contrary to the belief of the Padua family's neighbors.

"Wala po talagang involved na kahit anong sumpa o kulam sa kanilang dalawa," psychic Aris Moreno said.

Moreno's statement was echoed by Dr. Danilo Baldemor, who conducted a computed tomography (CT) scan on Ali.

Baldemor said the three men's case is called rare genetic disorder.

"Nakita natin...yung head niya maliit compared sa body [ni Ali]. For a 20 years old, maliit din yung katawan niya, maliit ang bungo at maliit din ang utak," he said.

"So malamang naapektuhan na rin yung trabaho o function ng brain tulad ng sa pag-unawa, pagsasalita. Affected na yung pag-iisip nila," he explained.

Nonetheless, Cresencia said she and her husband are enjoying their lives with their children despite all the insults they have been receiving from other people.

"Tanggap ko naman sila na ganyan ang kanilang kondisyon. May plano siguro ang Panginoon sa amin. Masaya naman kami kapiling namin ang mga anak namin," she said.

Hiwaga, ABS-CBN, August 30, 2013