Danny Javier shares battle vs heart failure

Posted at 01/03/12 1:24 AM

MANILA, Philippines – A member of the defunct OPM band APO Hiking Society, Danny Javier, shared his difficult battle with congestive heart failure with ABS-CBN viewers.

In an interview shown on “Bandila" on Monday night, Javier said he has been truly blessed after overcoming his illness.

“Kamuntik na ako [mamatay] eh. I was given a second chance," he said.

“Tinamaan ako ng tsunami ng sakit, from Hepatis A to pneumonia to liver collapse to kidney [failure]. Para akong ginulpi ako ng fraternity of diseases,” he added.

Now, Javier said he is strictly following a healthy diet in order to maintain his health.

“I don’t eat meat anymore. I don’t have three big meals in a day. I have five small meals,” he said.

He also religiously takes his medicine to keep his condition stable.

Javier stressed the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle to avoid congestive heart failure, which happens when the heart's ability to pump oxygen-rich blood to the body is compromised.

The disease affects other body organs including kidneys, lungs, and liver. Among its causes are high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and alcohol abuse.

Javier and his fellow APO Hiking Society members, Jim Paredes and Buboy Garovillo, decided to retire in 2010 after 40 years in the music industry. – report from Boy Abunda, Bandila