Barretto brother: Mom always hated Gretchen

Posted at 05/02/13 4:57 PM

Socialite-actress Gretchen Barretto
MANILA – The word war continues among the Barretto siblings and their mother, Inday.

In an interview with entertainment website Pep.ph, Joaquin Barretto said his sister Gia hid the truth in her letter released last April 26.

Saying Gia’s letter was full of lies, Joaquin pointed out one by one the parts where he said his sister “did not tell the whole story.”

For one, Joaquin said Gretchen never became his employer.

“That’s not true. I’m not employed by Gretchen. Ang nangyari diyan, I was with the government. Sa Immigration [Bureau]. Pero mga two years ago, I got out na. Siguro si Gretchen, being with Tonyboy [Cojuangco], and Tonyboy the cousin of PNoy, sabi niya, ‘Jay, umalis ka na lang diyan kasi ang pangit tingnan.’

“You know what I mean? Kasi baka sabihin, ‘A, kasi ginamitan ng lakas ni Gretchen’ and all that. Siya na mismo nagsabi na, ‘Wag ka na magtrabaho sa gobyerno, especially not now kasi baka iba ’yong isipin ng mga tao.’ Ako, ayoko rin sabihin na, ‘A, kasi malakas ’yong kapatid niyan, e,’” he said.

After leaving the Bureau of Immigration, Joaquin said Gretchen asked him to just help her with a business.

“Yeah, even before this thing happened, we were already planning, and all that. She goes, ‘Oh, don’t work na nine-to-five and all. Magnegosyo na lang tayo. Help me out.’ Ganoon. You know what I mean? Tapos palalabasin nilang bayaran ako ni Gretchen? Of course not! May savings naman ako. Inayos ko naman ang buhay ko,” he said.

Joaquin said Gia also hid the truth when she said they had a very comfortable life living in big beautiful houses when they were young.

“This all happened when we were in Cebu, that was when we were, like, 10 years old, 11 years old. We had a good life in Cebu, but when we transferred here [in Makati], when I was 15 or 18, it wasn’t like that. Si Gretchen, mga nine or 10 noon. We never had yayas. My mom can’t have yayas. She’s not nice to helpers, everybody knows that,” he said.

Joaquin said they also did not have chauffeurs since it was he who drove his sibling around almost every day back then.

“Of course ’yong sinasabi ni Gia that’s not a lie, but it’s hiding the truth. You know what I mean? Parang ito ’yong kinukuwento niya pero bakit hindi niya ikuwento ’yong the other side naman? Iyong kapag punta namin dito sa Manila, hindi na ganoon ang buhay namin?” he said.

According to Joaquin, Gia was telling the truth only about the life that they had in Cebu.

“Basta magsabi ka naman ng totoo. Kasi she’s telling the truth probably about our life in Cebu and all that, but you know, when you’re not telling the whole story, it’s like lying na rin,” he said.

Joaquin also revealed that their mom was never affectionate of Gretchen.

"Ever since, I never saw mom show any love for Gretchen. Up to now, Gretchen has to prove herself. Ay, naku, wala. Mom talks bad about her, never ending 'yan, never ending 'yan. She always hated Gretchen,” he said.

Joaquin said his mom also never acknowledged the things done by Gretchen for their family.

“Gretchen gave so much to the family, but in Mommy’s eyes, it’s just Claudine. Only Claudine. Sobrang galit kay Greta," he said.