RE: Sen. Noynoy Aquino decided to run for president in 2010

Sen. Noynoy Aquino decided to run for president in 2010. This was announced today in Club Filipino in San Juan city. Finally he accepted the offer of his party and accepted the challenge for the benefit of the country and its citizens.

RE: A Blunder by Pres. GMA?

The declaration of the burial day of Erano Mañalo of Iglesia Ni Kristo as an official public holiday could be a violation of the Philippine Constitution, particularly Section 5 of Article II.

RE: Noynoy has no brains

Noynoy has no brains. Lalong maghihirap ang ating bayan. Wala siyang nagawang batas mula noong nakaupo sa Senado we need a good architect to lead our country.

RE: Why elected public officials aren't afraid of Philippine laws?

This is due to their immunity from suit. This is one reason why graft and corrupt practices in the Philippine government are still rampant. This law is in fact not applicable to the Philippines. So let's not follow USA laws because their politicians are different from our politicians.

Reaction: Why I will not vote for Noy Aquino?

I admire the guy and much more his Father and mother. I respect him when he choose to run for president.

RE: Noynoy for President for 2010 Election!

THANK GOD! And finally Noynoy decided to run for President on the 2010 Election.The most awaited moment we are waiting. We really need you for a change to our country. We will support you here in KSA. GOOD LUCK AND MORE POWER!

Feedback: Is Gilberto just Another Court Jester and Not a King?

Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro is visiting the United States, but not to go to Disney World. Internet news is reporting that it is to continue the foreign policy of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and to tell the Americans that he is the best and most qualified presidential candidate for the 2010 election.

Re: Kris : I'll pay for Noynoy's wedding

Even if Kris will spend everything for Noynoy's wedding. People will not forget her statements, saying many times that Noynoy should not get married.

RE: Issues for the coming presidential elections

I want to be the issue in 2010 Pres. elections the following;
   1.) Human rights
    2.) Population
    3.) Jobs
    4.) Human rights and the Family code

RE: Manny Pacquiao’s support for Chavit

I am deeply saddened and disappointed by Mr. Pacquiao's public support for Mr. Singson who recently was reported to have beaten his common-law wife. It is quite embarassing to see a person who represent the Philippines to say that what Mr. Singson has done is justified.