Joe Almonte, the Alan Purisima of President Fidel Ramos

But why did Alan Purisima fail to hold on to power under President Noynoy Aquino while Joe Almonte lasted President Ramos’ term? The differences between the two PMA graduates are glaring. Almonte is smarter, more articulate and more adept at power play than Purisima.

40 days later, SAF survivors weep for fallen comrades

Wounded survivors of the 84th and 55th Special Action Company - the 2 teams that led the assault in Mamasapano on January 25 - went to the headquarters of the National Police Commission on Friday to attend Mass, and receive plaques of recognition along with P10,000 each.

Ex-aide turns vs Tingting, bares 'poll sabotage'

(UPDATED) A former executive assistant to President Aquino's aunt, Margarita 'Tingting' Cojuangco, is accusing her of heading an operation to discredit the May 2013 automated elections, and a losing congressional candidate of instructing him to tamper with ballots to make it appear that fraud happened.

From Solo to Spencer: Top 8 Harrison Ford roles

MANILA - Hollywood actor Harrison Ford grabbed headlines anew after his vintage plane crashed on a Los Angeles golf course shortly after taking off from a local airport Thursday (Friday in Manila).

From Solo to Spencer: Top 8 Harrison Ford roles

1. What Lies Beneath (2000)

Harrison Ford as Norman Spencer

Harrison Ford as the bad guy? Say it ain't so, but that's just what this movie dares to do as cinema's favorite anti-hero joins the dark side. Michelle Pfeiffer plays Claire Spencer, a woman who gets memory gaps after a car crash. Claire may also be haunted by the ghost of a woman who has a secret to tell. Ford plays second fiddle to Pfeiffer in this movie but it's his sudden turn in the third act that brings the most chilling point in a movie full of genuine scares.

From Solo to Spencer: Top 8 Harrison Ford roles

2. Air Force One (1997)

Harrison Ford as US President James Marshall

What do you do next when you've played an intergalactic smuggler, archaeologist, CIA analyst, doctor and lawyer? You play the US president. Ford plays fictional US President James Marshall whose plane is taken over by Russian extremists. There seems little doubt that a man who used to be Han Solo and Indiana Jones can take on a plane full of terrorists but the thrill is seeing the deed done. Also, we get Ford to tell Gary Oldman: "Get off my plane!" before shoving him off.  

From Solo to Spencer: Top 8 Harrison Ford roles

3. The Fugitive (1993)

Harrison Ford as Dr. Richard Kimble

"A one-armed man killed my wife." With these words, Dr. Richard Kimble becomes a suspect in his own wife's murder and is jailed for the crime. Ford, still riding high on the popularity of his Indiana Jones and the rejuvenated Jack Ryan series, keeps the audience guessing on whether or not he committed the deed after he escapes prison via a spectacular train wreck escape. Tommy Lee Jones got an Oscar for his performance as the Deputy US Marshal assigned to track down Kimble but it's Ford who earns the audience's compassion as a man wrongfully accused of a crime.

From Solo to Spencer: Top 8 Harrison Ford roles

4. Patriot Games (1992)

Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan

Ford wasn't the first actor to play CIA analyst turned hero Jack Ryan but he did make it his own after Alec Baldwin walked. Patriot Games is the second movie in the Jack Ryan series (after Hunt for Red October) and the third franchise character to find new life under Ford. Ryan, the unassuming everyman forced to take on terrorists, was a role ripe for Ford's taking. This is also the movie that shows us what a military operation would look like while being watched via live satellite feed.

From Solo to Spencer: Top 8 Harrison Ford roles

5. Presumed Innocent (1990)

Harrison Ford as Rozat Sabich

Gone Girl fans, take note: Here's a movie that sort of tinkers with the same theme without the exsanguination. Ford plays prosecutor Rozat "Rusty" Sabich who becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his colleague, Carolyn Polhemus (played by Greta Scacchi). The fact that Sabich had an affair with Polhemus is just one of the many twists taken in this legal thriller. Raul Julia as Sabich's lawyer Sandy Stern steals the show but it is the final scene between Sabich and his wife, played by Bonnie Bedelia, that makes this a classic.

From Solo to Spencer: Top 8 Harrison Ford roles

6. Blade Runner (1982)

Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard

A box-office bomb that's also a sci-fi classic, Blade Runner is one of those rare cinematic gems that influenced a generation of sci-fi movies. Ford plays detective Rick Deckard who may or may not be one of the replicants he is hunting. Director Ridley Scott packs this movie with all the trimmings - design by HR Giger, music by Vangelis, a story by Philip K. Dick - but it's the movie's thematic complexity that lingers. Before his recent accident, Ford was reported to have signed on for the Blade Runner sequel.