Tessie Tomas' son Robin opens up about marrying partner

Posted at 01/02/2014 2:01 PM | Updated as of 01/03/2014 1:12 PM

MANILA – Christmas was merrier for the son of veteran comedienne and television host Tessie Tomas who recently married his long-time partner in New York.

Robin Tomas wed his partner of 10 years, lawyer John Cocchiarella, in a simple ceremony at the City Hall in downtown Manhattan.

But both did not anticipate that their marriage would create a buzz in Philippine media.

"I'm not hiding anything. When I flew in from New York, it was already in the news all over the Philippines. It was an honor for us. It's hard to come out in the Times. We are also very proud of our committed relationship," the Pinoy designer said.

The news about their wedding was first announced on the New York Times Wedding Section, published on December 22. The announcement stated that Tomas and Cocchiarella were married on December 20 at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau.

Tomas and Cocchiarella first met online. They planned their wedding when same sex marriage became legal in New York in 2011.

But Tomas' mother, known to be very supportive of her son especially when he launched his own fashion line in New York, was a no-show during the ceremony.

It turned out that Tessie had a prior commitment in the United Kingdom.

"She was very very happy. Our parents know all about it," Tomas said.

John Charles Cocchiarella and Robert Martin Hermosa Tomas. New York Times page grab

The couple is planning a much bigger wedding celebration.

Tomas admits that same-sex marriage is not an easy thing to accept in a conservative country like the Philippines.

"Of course, there will be many sides. People will like what we did, people won't like what we did. This is great for equality for everyone, I don't know if it will happen anytime soon in the Philippines or if it will happen. Just don't lose hope, just love. Surround yourself with your loved ones and don't focus on the negative," he said. -- Report from Marie Lozano, ABS-CBN News