No Filipino hurt in Brazil nightclub fire

Posted at 01/28/13 4:58 PM

MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced on Monday that no Filipino was harmed in the nightclub fire in Brazil.

“Our embassy in Brazil has already reported and so far, we don't have any reported Filipino casualty in that fire in the nightclub,” said DFA Spokesperson and Assistant Secretary Raul Hernandez.

At least 233 people were killed on Sunday when a band's pyrotechnics show set a nightclub ablaze.

The fire caused a stampede as partygoers panicked towards the club’s exit.

A report from Reuters said the blaze in the university town of Santa Maria was ignited by sparks from pyrotechnics used by the band for visual effects.

Most of the victims died from suffocation after inhaling toxic fumes while others were crushed in the stampede.