Saudi gov't pays blood money for OFW

Posted at 01/31/13 7:10 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Overseas Filipino worker Dondon Lanuza may soon be spared from the death row in Saudi Arabia.

This after the Saudi Arabian government agreed to the request of Lanuza's mother to shoulder the remaining 2.3 million Saudi Riyals in blood money demanded by the family of the victim.

The good news was relayed by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Manila.

"The Embassy is pleased to inform that the royal directive was for the payment of the balance amount of SR 2,300,000 for handing over to the heirs of the victim through the concerned court. The Saudi Government, after the heirs of the victim waived their right, has paid the balance of the blood money," said a statement from the Office of the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia. - Report from TV Patrol