4 Filipinos killed in Miami road crash: report

Posted at 04/05/13 4:50 PM

MANILA - Four Filipinos were killed in a road crash after a vehicle driven by a man being chased by cops collided with their minivan in Miami, Florida last Wednesday.

The Chicago Tribune identified the fatalities as Dennis Ryan Rinon Ortiz, 33, Lily Marie Azarcon, 26, Albertson Anthony Almase, 31 and Kristina Almase, 26.

The Almase siblings were in the US military, while Azarcon was just visiting from the Philippines. Ortiz, on the other hand, was the international sales director of a Filipino real estate firm, the report said.

The Pinoys were on board a Kia Sorento traveling southbound on Interstate 95 when a Chevrolet Suburban driven by suspect Willie Dumel, 25, crashed head on into their vehicle.

The report said Dumel made an improper right turn and did not stop when asked to pull over. Instead, he kept on driving and traveled north on a southbound lane of Interstate 95.

The suspect survived but also sustained serious injuries from the crash.