OFW cries abuse: Bleached hands, chili in vagina

Posted at 06/17/11 1:35 PM

KUWAIT - A Filipino maid sought help from the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait after she was allegedly physically and sexually abused by her Kuwaiti employers.

"Cristy" (not her real  name) claimed that her employers made her clean walls using bleach with her bare hands. On one occasion, she alleged that her employer's mother, with the help of siblings, poured bleach on and inserted chili peppers in her sexual organ.

The woman, 24, married with 2 kids, came to Kuwait last March to work as a household service worker for a Kuwaiti family.

At first, she said the family treated her fairly.

Her trials only began in May when she was sent to stay at the house of her employer's mother-in-law.

"We stayed at her house for 3 weeks. Everyday, she would beat me and pour water on me. Wala naman po akong ginagawa," she said.

Cristy said the torture worsened every day.

One day, she said the mother ordered her to get 2 bottles of bleach, mix it with soap, and then ordered her to use the bleach to clean the walls using only her hands.

Even worse, Cristy claimed that on one occasion, the mother called her siblings, held her down and inserted chili peppers in her vagina. She also alleged that they poured bleach on her sex organ.

"Dalawang boteng cholorx nilagay sa tasa, tapos Tide hinalo. Ginawang basahan ang kamay ko, walang spongia. Pinupunasan ko ang mga dingding po lahat. Tapos tinawag po niya ang dalawang kapatid niya. Lalagyan nila ng sili ang ari, pinapasok po ang sili sa ari ko. Binuhusan po nila ng Chlorox ang ari ko," she said.

She added that the family would even poke her with knives while she pleaded for mercy. "Tinusok-tusok po ng kutsilyo. Nagmakaaawa po ako," she said.

Cristy said she endured it all for the sake of her kids.

"Mahirap talaga. Akala ko mamatay na ako. Iniisip ko na lang ang mga ana ko kahit sinasakal nila ako. Kawawa naman kase ang mga anak ko. Kahit hirap na hirap na ako, pitong araw na hindi pinatulog. Walang pagkain," she said.

Because of her fear that she would be killed, Cristy escaped from her employer while they were visiting a mall last June 12. She took a taxi and went straight to the Philippine Embassy.

Dalidig Ibrahim Tanandatu, head of the Embassy's assistance to nationals unit, said he has already gotten a lawyer to help Cristy. He said Cristy's employers are now facing charges of sexual harassment and grave physical injuries.

Cristy is currently staying at the Filipino Workers Resource Center.

Labor attache David Des Dicang said he has already sent Cristy to a hospital for a thorough examination. "Tuloy tuloy po natin follow up ang case. Tutukan po natin. Bukod sa legal na aspeto, isang service po na kailangan nya ay counseling dahil sa trauma na dinanas niya," he said.

Cristy, meanwhile, said she will not rest until her employers are punished.

"Gusto ko maranasan din nila ang ginawa nila sa akin. Di ako titigil. Kahit gusto ko na umuwi, titiisin ko. Dapat pagbayaran nila. Kase kung di ko gagawin ito, baka gagawin pa nila uli ito sa iba pang katulong," she said. Report by Maxxy Santiago, ABS-CBN Middle East News Bureau