Fil-Am researching on how to cook on Mars

Posted at 08/28/14 3:31 PM

Apollo Arquiza (center)/Photo courtesy of http://www.fastcoexist.com/

NEW YORK - For the first time on record, Cornell University researchers, including Filipino-American Apollo Arquiza, attempted to cook fried tofu and hash browns in low gravity conditions.

Arquiza and his group are researching on how to feed astronauts as they travel to Mars by the year 2030.

Experts say it would take about six months to reach Mars.

“If we’re ever going to stay for a long time on the moon or on Mars, there’s going to be some kind of cooking involved,” Arquiza said at a talk in New York City.

Apollo Arquiza/Photo courtesy of http://www.fastcoexist.com/

Arquiza and his team attempted to cook aboard NASA's G-Force 1 Space Simulator using the prototype space fryer they developed at the Cornell lab.

Arquiza is still analyzing the data gathered in their experiment and he is confident that he could overcome the challenges of designing a space fryer for missions to Mars in the near future.

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