'Heaviest' singkamas found in Ilocos

Posted at 03/09/10 6:44 PM

ILOCOS SUR, Philippines - A resident here has dug up what might be the heaviest singkamas (jicama) in the world.

The giant singkamas, which John Paul Garcia dug up at barangay Cabittaogan, weighed about 23 kilos and is the size of a huge pot.

Normally, a singkamas is as big as an ordinary potato.

According to Garcia, he had a hard time getting the giant singkamas off the ground.

He added that he has no plans of selling his harvest no matter how much the buyer is offering to pay for it, claiming that the giant singkamas will bring him good luck.

The current world record, as recorded in the Guinness World Records, is held by Leo Sutisna of Indonesia for a jicama weighing 21 kilograms. -- Report from Ria Galiste, ABS-CBN Ilocos