10 things about 'crush videos' as sexual fetish

Posted at 10/05/2013 2:24 AM | Updated as of 10/07/2013 11:22 AM
A screengrab of the viral video showing three girls' violent behavior towards a puppy

MANILA -- A viral clip of three girls putting their full weight on a puppy has drawn attention to "crush videos" which, according to an expert, are a form of sexual deviance.

In the video described by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) as "horrendous cruelty," three girls who appear to be Asian are seen kicking a white puppy with black markings, before literally crushing it with their combined weight.

The clip's circulation among Filipino netizens has drawn strong reactions, with animal welfare groups including PAWS calling on the individuals behind the video to come forward.

While some netizens decried the video, others raised the question: Why kill a puppy and record it?

Speaking with ABS-CBN News on Friday, psychiatrist and doctor of psychology Randy Dellosa explained point-by-point what motivates the production of these "crush videos."

Dellosa shed light on the possible background of those who derive pleasure from viewing or participating such videos.

Having seen several crush videos, which he said mostly originate from Asia, Dellosa shared the following about the "abnormal" activity:

1. Crush videos show violence toward animals for sexual pleasure.

"'Yung mga crush videos are videos wherein they portray 'yung pagpatay ng animals or insects, basta vertebrates or invertebrates. And then 'yung sa nakakapanood o nagpa-participate ay nakakakuha ng sexual arousal," Dellosa said.

2. There are a variety of "crush activities."

"There are different types of crush activities, eh, like for example, I think may tinatawag na soft crush. Itong soft crush, ito 'yung pagpatay ng smaller animals, like for example, insects or worms. 'Yung hard crush naman, ito 'yung pagpatay ng animals na mas malalaki -- mga mammals.

"'Yung pagpili naman, depende 'yun sa tao. Because of course, like normal people, ano, they have preferences of male or female, or kung anong type ng tao. Dito, they have preferences for the type of animal," Dellosa said.

3. Different tools are used to inflict pain on animals.

Asked if there's a specific type of footwear that caters to fetishists, Dellosa said, "'Yung pagsuot naman ng sapatos, that's incidental lang. You don't really need shoes naman to kill animals. It's more about the suffering na binibigay sa animal, and then that's what gives the pleasure."

"Ang nangyari dito, na-associate 'yung violence with sensuality, and that's what gives the arousal. Of course, besides wearing shoes, they can use other tools, like for example, fly swat, belt, or anything just to hurt the animal," he said.

4. Recording or participating in crush videos is abnormal.

"Itong pag-crush ng animals, ano, ay sexual deviancy," Dellosa said. "Ang ibig sabihin nito, this is an abnormal sexual behavior... Firstly, my component ng violence eh, so obviously meron nang mali roon."

"Pangalawa, it's toward animals, so again there's something wrong there, to derive pleasure from activity with animals. In a way, ang tawag din dito ay zoosadism. Zoo- referring to animals, and -sadism, for hurting creatures," he said.

"Thirdly, minsan, masyado silang obssessed sa ganitong klaseng sexual activity, they already fail to have normal sexual activity with other people. So kumbaga, nalipat 'yung interes nila sa ganitong bagay. On those accounts, this is really abnormal. This is what we call a paraphilia, or sexual deviancy," Dellosa said.

5. There are similar videos showing humans as victims.

Noting he has seen a number of crush videos, Dellosa said he was not surprised with the circulation of the recent one showing the three girls and the puppy.

"Hindi ako masyadong nagugulat, kasi kahit before naman, merong videos na ganito. Dati it was directed toward humans, 'yung mga tinatawag na snuff videos. They torture the victim and then they have sex with that victim, sometimes to the point of killing and then having sex with that person. Ngayon naman, nalipat from humans to animals, so this is nothing new," he said.

6. Some crush videos are recorded to be sold.

"'Yung mga gumagawa, 'yung producers ng mga film na ganito, of course some of them are doing it for money. Kasi when they are producing films, of course maraming bibili. And of course, kung taboo 'yung film na 'yon, it's harder to make, it's more difficult to produce, so they get more money from that. They may actually be fetishists also, meron din silang fetish with crushing animals. Or else, they're just producers," Dellosa said.

7. Finding pleasure in crush videos may be something inherited.

"Sa mga reasons naman for these kinds of sexual activity, nandoon ulit 'yung concepts of nature versus nurture. Ibig sabihin no'n, some people are born with the genes to be sexual deviants. Sometimes napapasa 'yun eh, through the genes," Dellosa said.

8. Environment, childhood are also factors in sexual deviance.

"Sometimes it's learned behavior, such that if you keep on watching, for instance, violence, then you kind of ingrain it sa system mo and then it becomes normal for you.

"Sometimes the roots are actually sa childhood. Like for example, if the child is a victim of abuse, then minsan 'yung violent thoughts niya, behavior niya, nadi-displace nalang sa animal, and then somehow dahil ginagawa niya tapos nagkakaroon ng raging hormones habang nagiging teenager, nami-mix 'yung sexuality and then 'yung violence and anger, and then tuloy nangyayari 'yung ganito," Dellosa said.

9. Crush video fetishists are likely to be sociopaths.

"'Yung mga taong napapahilig sa ganito... might have an anti-social personality disorder, kasi these are people na may pagka-sociopathic. They don't have a sense of conscience or morality, and so it's very easy for them to hurt other people or other creatures like animals," he said.

10. Violent sexual deviance may be addressed through psychotherapy.

"Hindi naman lahat ng sexual deviancy ay hindi acceptable," Dellosa said. "Meron namang acceptable. But just because this involves violence, hurting other creatures, of course, ano, something has to be done."

"These people who engage in such activities, ang kailangan nila, actually, ay psychotherapy and sometimes even medication. Psychotherapy, education and sometimes medication is what they need," he said.