Astrologer shares 2014 predictions

Posted at 12/30/2013 3:56 PM | Updated as of 12/31/2013 3:34 PM

MANILA – An astrologer warned on Monday that the Philippines will face more challenges in 2014.

In an interview on “Mornings@ANC,” Henry Palacios predicted that the country will experience more catastrophes next year, adding that the current government will face “a lot of pressure” until 2015.

“We’re expecting, No. 1, other catastrophes to come along. Second, there will be a lot of pressure with the government in the next two years,” he said.

Still, Palacios said good luck will come to a number of zodiac signs for 2014.

Here are his predictions for the coming year:

Aries: “In terms of career, you’re looking at new opportunities, but there will be a disparity between career and home. So there will be tensions.”

Taurus: “Taureans may want to do some aspects of finance but they don’t have the money for it, so money may be a problem.”

Gemini: “Time for you to realize something in terms of a career. Do something you’ve been longing to do.”

Cancer: “There are still stresses for Cancer, especially in terms of relationships and partnerships. It goes away by mid-year.”

Leo: “It should be a good year for Leo. Try new ventures, things that are out of the ordinary. Start something new, something innovative.”

Virgo: “The only problem with Virgo is that a lot of the problems they may be encountering right now may be emotional… Idealism is getting affected, so what they perceive may not be and they are affected emotionally. There may be a lot of disappointments.”

Libra: “They are typically more liberal in their outlook, so they’ll be more frustrated [this year]. There’s a lot of impatience involved here.”

Scorpio: “The tendency for Scorpio, it’s the sign of passion and they might have not been getting anything last year, so [hang in there].”

Sagittarius: “They will want to do new things also, go on all sorts of adventures, climb certain mountains or whatnot. There may also be a lot of plans for foreign trips, off the beaten path sort of thing. You’re going to, maybe Eastern Europe, maybe Africa or even South America where people don’t generally travel to.”

Capricorn: “Be careful when playing with fireworks. Be more cautious, be more aware.”

Aquarius: “Generally, the Aquarian quality is Bohemian and free-spirited. So you’ll see them suddenly changing their attitude toward things, they become more disciplined and they may even be involved with children next year.”

Pisces: “Pisces is actually good. It [has something] to do with realizing a dream, a hobby. Prepare for it.”