SOCO: 17-year-old girl slain by boyfriend's father

Richelle Talastas was only 17 when she entered a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Alvin Padilla. Despite her parents' objection, Richelle moved in with Alvin.

Salamat Dok: How to raise responsible kids

As parents, assisting your kids to learn the importance of taking personal responsibility and ultimately grow into self-reliant, capable adults is part of the job. Admittedly, this is easier said than done.

Salamat Dok: Therapeutic benefits of sambong plant

Have you ever experienced difficulty urinating or felt excruciating pain in your kidneys because of stones? The medicinal plant “sambong” could be a remedy for that.

SOCO celebrates 60 years of Philippine television

It was an eventful weekend as people flocked to the Quezon Memorial Circle to join the "Grand Kapamilya Weekend", the culmination of ABS-CBN's celebration of 60 years of Philippine television.

SOCO: 5-year-old boy dies of abuse

Neighbors described him as a jolly and charming boy. That's why even if 5-year-old Andrei Cabuhat and his family had just transferred to Barangay Bunsuran Dos in Pandi, Bulacan, the residents quickly grew fond of the kid.

Sports Unlimited: Cristine Reyes' fierce workout

Unknown to many, Cristine Reyes is also passionate about fitness, always finding time to exercise and learn new sports, despite her busy schedule.

3 'taong unggoy' in Nueva Ecija cursed?

MANILA -- "Cursed." This is how some residents of San Jose, Nueva Ecija describe the three children of Cresencia and Santiago Padua.

Do 'segunda mano' items bring bad luck?

MANILA -- "Segunda mano" or second-hand items are said to bring bad luck.