SOCO celebrates 60 years of Philippine television

It was an eventful weekend as people flocked to the Quezon Memorial Circle to join the "Grand Kapamilya Weekend", the culmination of ABS-CBN's celebration of 60 years of Philippine television.

SOCO: 5-year-old boy dies of abuse

Neighbors described him as a jolly and charming boy. That's why even if 5-year-old Andrei Cabuhat and his family had just transferred to Barangay Bunsuran Dos in Pandi, Bulacan, the residents quickly grew fond of the kid.

Sports Unlimited: Cristine Reyes' fierce workout

Unknown to many, Cristine Reyes is also passionate about fitness, always finding time to exercise and learn new sports, despite her busy schedule.

3 'taong unggoy' in Nueva Ecija cursed?

MANILA -- "Cursed." This is how some residents of San Jose, Nueva Ecija describe the three children of Cresencia and Santiago Padua.

Do 'segunda mano' items bring bad luck?

MANILA -- "Segunda mano" or second-hand items are said to bring bad luck.

Mutya Ng Masa: Kalaw

Far from being faceless men and women, Filipino seafarers have their own stories, sometimes as intriguing and thought-provoking as the deep waters they travel. 

Salamat Dok: What's alarming about mood swings?

Mood swings are normal. How do mood swings and bipolar disorder differ? Is it a condition or an illness? What are the causes? What are the symptoms? Watch this video!

Salamat Dok: When your spouse wants some lovin'

Men have stronger sexual desire than women. Experts say men think about sex at least once a day while women need some stimulation to think about doing it. After a strenuous day, some women find sleep more gratifying than sex. On the other hand, men look forward to hot moments with spouse like it is a part of daily routine.