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Ilang OFW sa Saudi, inireklamo ang employment agency

Iba na umano ang nagiging trabaho ng ilang OFW pagdating ng ibang bansa.

Charo Santos-Concio:From fan girl to media leader

ABS-CBN President and CEO Charo Santos-Concio embodies the saying that hard work makes dreams come true. Unknown to many, one of the Philippines’ most powerful women started out as a simple girl from a small provincial town in Bicol. Balitang America, November 28, 2015

Pinay opens first kamayan-style restaurant in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO - A new Filipino restaurant in San Francisco is offering diners kamayan-style dinner.

Pinoy grocery store makes shoppers co-owners

EDMONTON, Alberta - A Filipino grocery retailer wants customers to rake in the cash while they shop, and they're using a cooperative business model with Filipino roots to do it.

Pinoy donors urged to be wary of scams

MANILA – Filipinos based in Dubai are urged to be wary when making a donation to charitable organizations.

Why this Pinay is keeping the Super Sentai spirit alive

MANILA – For those who grew up in late 80s and early 90s, you've probably been a great fan of the Japanese sentai series, "Maskman".

This young Filipina is promoting peace one book at a time

MANILA - A 21-year old college student took the podium and delivered her message of peace before an international audience.

PNB opens Filipinotown branch in time for holiday remittances

LOS ANGELES - Christmas is coming and one of the more popular ways of giving gifts to loved ones back home has just expanded into one of the biggest Filipino neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Fil-Am sends hope-filled 'Dream Boxes' to students in need

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California - Filipino American college student Patricia Manubay turned her troubled youth into a passion project that packs hope and encouragement into beautifully wrapped boxes that she sends to young school kids in need.

Pinoys take part in annual turkey cook-off

SAN FRANCISCO – The Lake Merced Boathouse featured table after table of turkey, side dishes, and desserts.