Bill Gates sells entire stake in UK security firm

LONDON - Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates has sold his entire stake in G4S Plc , the British security firm trying to bounce back from a series of scandals that have hurt its reputation and profits.  

How kung-fu helped shape Alibaba's corporate culture

BEIJING/HONG KONG - When Jack Ma and his colleagues sat down in 2001 to lay out Alibaba's defining values, they named them after a martial arts technique drawn from Ma's love of kung fu novels and their heroic themes.  

Wanted: a watchdog for the mobile medical app explosion

SAN FRANCISCO - A smartphone app that rids you of acne. Another that monitors your heart rate 24-7. One that detects skin cancer by looking at your birthmarks. If they sound too good to be true, they may be.

Meet the guy who spoils 'click-bait' tweets

You know that annoying guy in the office who steps on all of your punch lines? Who deflates with a concise quip the shaggy dog stories you're trying to tell?

Facebook blocks rock band page at Pakistan govt request

ISLAMABAD - Facebook has blocked the popular page of a liberal Pakistani rock band and others that criticize the Taliban at the request of the government, angering activists campaigning against censorship in the Islamic country.

Chatty Japan robot makes friends on first day at work

TOKYO - A chatty humanoid robot whose makers claim it can understand people's emotions made its first friends Friday as it struck up conversations with shoppers in Tokyo.

Mexican trademark body rules for iFone in iPhone services case

MEXICO CITY - Mexico's trademark body said on Thursday it had ruled in favor of local telecoms company iFone in a dispute over the marketing of iPhone services, opening the door to potential damage claims against the country's biggest mobile providers.

10 tech startups win IdeaSpace competition

MANILA, Philippines - Ten tech startups in the Philippines have been chosen to get funding from IdeaSpace Foundation, Inc. (IdeaSpace).