Gadgets and Tech

Sony announces 'Final Fantasy VII' remake

Out of all the games announced so far at E3, this one had the Twitterverse and gamers buzzing.

PlayStation touts virtual reality and big name games

Sony late Monday proclaimed a 'new era' of PlayStation gaming complete with big-name games and the dawn of virtual reality on its powerful PlayStation 4 consoles.

Ubisoft blends action, music in video game lineup

Ubisoft on Monday mixed carnage, humor and music in a powerhouse lineup of video games making debuts at an Electronic Entertainment Expo extravaganza in Los Angeles.

Old video games get new life on Xbox One consoles

Microsoft played to the hearts of gamers on Monday with word that they will be able to switch on beloved old video games on new-generation Xbox One consoles.

Virtual reality to get real at E3 video game show

Virtual reality and the battle to stream play online will take center stage at an Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) video game extravaganza kicking off in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Oculus debuts consumer version of VR headset, partners with Xbox

Virtual Reality pioneer Oculus debuts consumer version of its headset, announces partnership with Microsoft's Xbox.

Internet, isinusulong na maging basic service

Mabagal na, mahal pa. Ganyan daw ang internet connection sa bansa. Para mapabilis, isinusulong ngayon na gawin itong basic service.

Japan firm sells human pillow cellphone holder

What's shaped like your friend and even sounds like your friend, but isn't actually your friend? Why, a human-shaped pillow with a slot in its head for a cellphone, of course.

Russia successfully launches military satellite

Russia successfully launched a military satellite on Friday, following a recent string of failures for the country's space programme.

Slovak makers of flying car press on after crash

Slovak tech firm AeroMobil is working on a new prototype of its flying car, weeks after the vehicle of the future spread its wings and crashed during a test flight.