18-year-old woman killed in playground

It was unusually quiet at the Children's Park in Parola, Tondo, Manila. The park was almost empty.

Woman found dead inside hut in Nueva Ecija

Last March, a man named Rogelio Obidoza (not his real name) noticed something peculiar inside a hut.

CCTV shows police killing of unarmed suspect

MANILA - A police operation that ended the life of a robbery suspect is under scrutiny as the police statement does not coincide with CCTV footage of the incident.

SOCO: Teen raped by brother-in-law in Pangasinan

 Sans the heinous crime, the Shirley and Eduardo Sotelo household could have been one big, happy family.

Headless boy found floating in Bulacan

On May 31, a headless 9-year-old boy was found floating in the sea in Hangonoy, Bulacan.

Mga namatayan sa sunog sa Valenzuela, nakatanggap ng grocery items

Labis ang lungkot at pangungulila ng mga kapamilya ng mga biktima ng sunog sa pabrika ng tsinelas nang makita ang mga naiwang gamit ng kanilang mga mahal sa buhay.

SOCO: Retired OFW murdered inside Bulacan home

Fidelino Fabros had been living alone in Pandi, Bulacan for more than seven years.

SOCO: Woman carrying P1.4M killed in robbery

On March 12, 2010, the cashier of the municipal government of San Mateo, Rizal was shot dead after withdrawing P1.4 million for the payroll of the town's employees. Who are the men responsible for the robbery? Follow the investigation this Saturday on "SOCO," 4:45 p.m. after "Failon Ngayon."