Teditorial: How to conduct such events

Remember that presidential forum organized by alumni of US schools? Teddy Locsin, Jr. talks about that forum and what he says future forum organizers can learn from it.

What happens

Posted at 11/26/2015 10:31 AM

FROM Baste Chua News Service comes this remarkable development: Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to come back to the Philippines, a wish he expressed before leaving Manila after APEC. Let’s hope he wants to come back as a guest not as Overlord.

Teditorial: Suu Kyi

Democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi is set to take over Myanmar after her party won outright majority in last week's polls. Teddy Locsin, Jr. weighs in on that in tonight's Teditorial.

Teditorial: What happens

It's China again on Teddy Locsin, Jr.'s mind, as he talks about what China really wants, plus other issues the President is facing.

Teditorial: The real fight is coming

In last week's APEC economic leaders meeting, US President Barack Obama pushed for the trade deal the US is heading called Trans Pacific Partnership. Teddy Locsin Jr. tells us why the Philippines should stay away from it.

The real fight is coming

Posted at 11/23/2015 1:51 AM

UNLIKE the empty word ‘inclusive’ which means nothing standing alone—‘inclusive’ of what?—the initials TPP (TransPacific something, perhaps pahirap) means more  than you will ever learn from the people who want it. Ralph Nader told Pulitzer Prize journalist Chris Hedges that the TPP is the most brazen corporate power grab in America, and it will go worse for countries like ours. Its reach will be global and evil, like ISIS but with daily showers, no facial hair and bespoke suits instead of black pajamas.

Teditorial: Why we host stuff

Teddy Locsin, Jr. has some profound musings on the just concluded APEC.

Teditorial: Sleep solution

We've heard talk of free trade and inclusive growth and all the ways to make people happy. Teddy Locsin, Jr. talks about how people in a small Asian country are doing it.

Teditorial: Just remember and nothing more

It's exactly 50 years since the military coup in Indonesia that installed President Suharto who would rule for 31 years. 

Teditorial: Don't bring it up now

Teddy Locsin, Jr. talks about topics that are off-limits to leaders during the APEC meetings.