Teditorial: Real reason for celibacy

In this Teditorial, Teddy Locsin, Jr. talks about celibacy in the religious sector.

Teditorial: Incredible Japanese

A camera company rescues memories for people devastated by a tsunami in Japan in 2011. Teddy Locsin Jr. tells us about this project in tonight's Teditorial.

Teditorial: Criticizing kindly

There's a way to criticize with kindness and Teddy Locsin Jr. tells us how in tonight's Teditorial.

Islam is reformed

Posted at 04/14/2015 1:15 PM

Hirsi Ali, a woman, has put out a book called “Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now.” She says the West should not buy the line that Islam is a religion of peace and its violence is only at the fringe.

Teditorial: It's over

More on former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers' thoughts on China's Infrastructure Investment Bank in tonight's Teditorial.

Teditorial: Papal pizza

After his election, Pope Francis had to give up a lot. But there is one thing he has missed the most, Teddy Locsin Jr. tells us in tonight's Teditorial.

Teditorial: CA on target

In tonight's Teditorial, Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about wrong assumptions and conclusions made by a journalist.

Teditorial: War is justified

In tonight's Teditorial, Teddy Locsin Jr. ponders the problem of religious persecution.

Teditorial: Guilty of terrorism

In tonight's Teditorial, Teddy Locsin Jr. has something to say about someone involved in the peace process.

Guilty of terrorism

Posted at 04/07/2015 8:52 PM

This government should be giving our people the iron assurance, backed by guts it has yet to demonstrate, that with or without the Bangsamoro Basic Law, our people will be safe.