Llasos: Voters shouldn't be swayed by surveys

Posted at 02/27/13 1:32 AM

MANILA – Newbie senatorial candidate Atty. Marwil Llasos urged voters not to be swayed by pre-election survey results, which he said promotes a “trending” mentality among voters.

“Gumagawa ng ‘trending’ mentality, pero hindi ko sila bine-begrudge kasi demokrasya tayo. Pero para sa akin ang mga survey is a tool for us to assess our performance,” Llasos said during ANC’s “Harapan 2013” forum on Tuesday.

In the latest Social Weather System (SWS) survey, Llasos ranked 31-33 with Democratic Party of the Philippines (DPP) candidates Christian Seneres and Bal Falcone.

But Llasos said the rankings do not dictate how the voters will decide on election day.

“Ang taong bayan ay hindi dapat nagpapaapekto sa survey sapagkat ang demokrasya ay hindi nakasalalay sa survey, ito’y nakasalalay sa taong bayan. We should refuse to be persuaded by the results. The power belongs to the people, we must exercise it on [May 13,] 2013,” he said.

The 37-year-old Llasos is seeking office for the first time under the Ang Kapatiran Party, which he described as an “alternative” party.

“We are neither for administration nor opposition. We are for principle partisan politics,” he said.

His two party-mates running for senator, Lito David and JC delos Reyes, ranked 25th and 26th in the SWS survey, respectively.