Japanese envoy thanks Filipinos for moving on

Posted at 04/09/14 3:17 PM

MANILA - Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Toshinao Urabe apologized again to Filipino victims of World War II.

During the “Araw ng Kagitingan” commemoration in Pilar, Bataan, the ambassador said: “Seventy-two years have passed, still it hurts to remember the hardship suffered by many during those fateful days. I wish to express my heartfelt apologies and deep sense of remorse for such inexplicable acts.”

He also thanked the Filipinos for choosing to move on.

“We have been working together in the past years. Thanks to our predecessors, we are now strategic partners sharing common values,” he said.

Meanwhile, US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg reiterated the key role that Bataan played in forging a better relationship between the US and the Philippines.

He also assured the country can expect continued military support and disaster aid from the US.

“It is this shared history of sacrifice that forges the special relationships today. As shown in history, we can and will work together to help each other’s military as a whole…” he said. – from ANC