NKTI Hemodialysis Center resumes full operations

Posted at 06/13/2014 5:10 PM

MANILA - The National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) Hemodialysis Center on Friday resumed full operations after patients no longer experienced chills.

NKTI spokesperson Dr. Ricardo Quintos said all 30 machines are now being used for dialysis, and the hospital is back to servicing the usual 120 patients a day.

Quintos said since they partially opened on Monday, nobody has experienced chills. Some patients, however, complained that the room was too cold and experienced a drop in temperature.

"Meron po bumaba ang temperatura at gininaw sila. Tiningnan ho namin baka masyadong malamig, kaya pina-adjust na po namin ang aming climate control sa aming unit dahil dati masyadong malakas ang setting dahil sa tag-init. Ngayong lumalamig na ang panahon, aming in-adjust ang setting ng airconditioning unit," he explained.

Quintos assured the patients of the safety of the dialysis process.

"Lahat ng makinang gumagana ngayon, clear po sila, walang aberya. Lahat ng dapat palitan, pinalitan na po namin," he said.

The NKTI is still waiting for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to come out with the results of the tests on the drugs being used in the dialysis.

"Hinihintay pa po namin ang final report ng FDA. It may take probably another week or so, napapatagal dahil ginagawa ang advanced molecular studies," Quintos said.

The NKTI's Hemodialysis Center was shut down last May 30 after 44 patients complained of chills while undergoing the procedure.