Taxi driver tagged wrong man, road rage suspect says

Posted at 07/31/14 11:46 PM

Ang: My reputation was damaged over wrong accusation

Tan-Ang: I only used toy gun

MANILA - Karlvin Ang and Bill Tan-Ang are cousins. But their closeness was put to the test by a traffic altercation along EDSA Santolan flyover last week.

That encounter was caught on video and spread on social media showing an SUV driver pointing a gun at a taxi driver, who was armed with a knife.

On Wednesday, the taxi driver identified Ang as the motorist he locked horns with.

Ang now faces several charges at the Quezon City Prosecutor's Office.

But the cousins insist the taxi driver was mistaken.

"Nung lumabas siya sa social media, siyempre tinext ko siya (Tan-Ang) kaagad kasi sabi ko kilala ko itong kotse, kilala ko itong tao," Ang said.

Based on the testimony of taxi driver Glen Remetio, the SUV driver sustained injuries on his arm after smashing the cab's window.

But when the cousins showed their arms to ABS-CBN News, Tan Ang had injuries while Ang had none.

Tan-Ang also has the same haircut and stance as the SUV driver in the viral footage.

Ang is disappointed, saying his reputation was damaged by a wrong accusation.

"Sabi ko bakit ganun, nanahimik ako, biglang ako yung kinasuhan. Ako yung lalabas sa social media na ang dami pang bashers," he said.

He also admitted he got angry with his cousin.

"Pero siyempre nung kausap ko siya eh kailangan huminahon ako. Kung hindi, lalong problema yan," Ang said.

Tan-Ang said he is the SUV driver on video, but he insisted Remetio should be blamed for the tense encounter.

He claimed Remetio is a reckless driver, and had cut him off on the road.

He added that the taxi driver struck first using his knife.

"Nagkasagutan, ayan, bigla na lang akong inunahan ng saksak. So nataranta ako nun. Ang unang naisip ko baka mapahamak si Tatay," he said.

"Nagsisisi. Sana hindi na lang ako bumaba. Eh di sana walang ganun, hindi rin ako nasaksak," he added.

Tan-Ang said he has a licensed gun, but does not have a permit to carry.

He claimed only used a toy gun against Remetio.

But Republic Act 10591 says an imitation firearm like a toy gun can be considered real if it looks like a real firearm and is used in a commission of a crime.

Meanwhile, Tan-Ang plans to file charges against Remetio.

Authorities said they are ready to hear the side of the cousins.

But the decision ultimately lies with the prosecutor handling the case.