EDSA to be renamed Cory Aquino Avenue?

Posted at 08/07/09 6:55 PM

MANILA - A week after the death of former president Corazon Aquino, Sen. Mar Roxas is proposing to rename Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) to Cory Aquino Avenue in memory of the late president.

"Whenever we hear of EDSA, one thing always comes to the mind of Filipinos: the People Power led by President Cory. It is but fit to offer in her memory the road that had made her famous all over the world," Roxas said in a statement.

He said the proposal was appropriate since Mrs. Aquino's first heroic act of leading the people in a bloodless People Power revolution against dictatorship and authoritarian rule happened at EDSA.

EDSA, the main road through Metro Manila, was named after Epifanio delos Santos, who was considered one of the best Filipino writers during the Spanish times. He was also a revered great Filipino patriot. In 1959 under Republic Act 2140, the original Highway 54 was renamed EDSA.

The Visayan senator said renaming portions of the Circumferential Road-4 (C4), otherwise known as EDSA, to Cory Aquino Avenue would remind Filipinos of the heroic acts of the late president.

"Truly, her legacy to our country and all the generations of Filipinos cannot be overstated…Former President Cory Aquino has demonstrated in the clearest terms that steep moral values and strength of character are what our nation need in times of unabated corruption and political and social decay," he said.

Aside from leading the Filipinos against dictatorship, Mrs. Aquino also showed moral and political integrity when she stepped down and turned-over the presidency to her successor when her term ended in 1992, despite the fact she was not disqualified from seeking re-election at the time.

Roxas noted that the former president, even after her retirement from politics, "continued to be an inspiration to every Filipino through her humanitarian and civic work."

"It bears stressing that all the foregoing are just few of former President Cory Aquino's legacy to our nation, which deserve no less than the highest admiration, respect and gratitude of all generations," he said.

Roxas will file the proposed bill on Monday. Liberal Party congressmen are expected to file a counter-part measure at the House of Representatives also on Monday.