Truck rams into a guard house in Baguio

Posted at 05/05/2013 2:27 PM

MANILA – A truck carrying sacks of rice rammed into a guard house of Saint Louis University in Baguio City early Saturday morning.

According to driver Romeo Bergonia, he was making a u-turn near the school when his truck suddenly lost its brakes and hit the guard house.

Due to the impact, the guard house almost fell off the cliff and the electric post beside it almost collapsed.

The guard on duty, who was identified as Alberto Ignacio, said he was fortunate that he immediately got out of the guard house and he only sustained a minor bruise in his leg.

While the administration of Saint Louis University is not planning to file charges against Bergonia, its Traffic Management Branch temporarily confiscated his license. – from a report by Ada Sibayan, ABS-CBN News Northern Luzon