Cops find call center agent's missing head

Posted at 10/09/10 1:53 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Police on Saturday finally found the missing head of a call center whose decapitated body was found in a motel in Angeles City, Pampanga last weekend.

Local police found the head of 22-year-old Katrina Gantan in a grassy portion near the Morales Bridge in Sta. Ines, Mabalacat town around 11:20 a.m..

An initial report said that the head was placed in a yellow and red-striped plastic bag.

Police have arrested Gantan's co-worker, 30-year-old Adonis Reyes, after he was positively identified by at least 3 witnesses.

The witnesses said that Gantan and Reyes, who are both call center agents in Clark town, checked in at the motel Friday night last week.

One of the witnesses said Reyes was carrying a plastic bag when he left the motel. -- Report from Jayvee Dizon, ABS-CBN Pampanga