A Handful of Food a Time, Fil-Ams Help Local Restaurants

Posted at 05/22/2009 6:09 AM | Updated as of 07/31/2009 7:49 PM

JERSEY CITY, NJ—A group of young Fil-Ams crowd around one sink, washing their hands, and it’s not swine flu that’s on their minds.  Rather, they are getting ready to eat Filipino food, Filipino-style, at the Sinugba restaurant.

“Kamayan is organized by Anakbayan to promote eating with your bare hands, which is a traditional way of eating Filipino food,” said Kathleen Dy, an organizer with the Fil-Am community group, Anakbayan.

Kamayan has become a monthly ritual.  The session at Sinugba is the third for Anakbayan.  Each month, the number of diners grows, and the group chooses a different restaurant to enjoy Pinoy food.

“This is our way in contributing to the community,” said Dy.  “In this time of financial crisis, we find that it is also our obligation to help local Filipino businesses.”

Sinugba owner Maureen Roy said she appreciated Anakbayan’s gesture.

“Of course when people from outside see that there are a lot of people in the restaurant, then they tend to come in, and it brings in more sales,” Roy said.

Next month’s restaurant is to be determined, but Anakbayan members say they are always welcome more diners to their hands-on tradition.