PGMA in D.C.; 1st Gentleman laughs off 2010 rumors

Posted at 07/31/2009 9:37 AM | Updated as of 08/04/2010 8:30 PM

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Gloria Arroyo delivered a shorter version of her SONA to a crowd of Filipino-American supporters.  The president boasted her administration’s achievements to the newly formed group, Fil-USA, while hitting back at her critics.

 “I never declared martial law, I never expressed a desire to extend my term,” Arroyo told the crowd.

Speaking after a long period of silence, First Gentleman Mike Arroyo insists his wife is leaving office after her term ends in 2010.
“Ayaw lang maniwalaAtalaga sila. Yung ayaw maniwala, wala kang magagawa. Pero she said it very clearly, her term ends in 2010, what can be clearer than that?  Sinabi nbiya bababa siya after 2010.  ano pang gusto nila?” the First Gentleman said.

For the first time, the First Gentleman addressed what he called malicious talk, that he would be arrested once he sets foot in the United States.

First Gentleman, Mike Arroyo: “Kasinungalinan ho yon, ilang beses na kong pumunta sa america. Ang bumabantay po sa akin, secret service.  So walang nag aaresto sa akin, malisyoso ng paninira lang yun.  Ang hindi makakapunta dito ay si Lacson saka si Estrada.  Ako puede, may valid visa ako. Saka wala akong bank account ditto yung sinasabing money laundering, wala kaming property, wala kaming stocks.  Saka hindi totoong iniimbestigahan kami ng FBI.”

Mr. Arroyo did not accompany his wife during her first meeting with President Barack Obama.  He says he is glad to remain in the background.