Aldo: I'll stay champ for many, many years

Posted at 01/29/13 7:42 PM

MANILA, Philippines – UFC champion Jose Aldo is so comfortable fighting as a featherweight, he believes he’ll stay champ for years to come.

Aldo will be defending his title against former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, whom he claims will have a hard time succeeding as a featherweight.

“One of the biggest challenges for Frankie is going to be making the weight,” Aldo said in a UFC 156 promotional video.

The Brazilian champion was referring to Edgar’s move from 155 (lightweight) to 145 pounds (featherweight).

Aldo also said another problem he’d pose against Edgar is his deadly efficiency as a 145-pound fighter.

“The other big challenge he has to deal with is the speed and technique I have in this weight class,” he said.

Aldo said he’s likely to extend his reign as featherweight champion because of these factors.

“I expect to be champion for many more years. this is the weight where I've found myself.”

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