'Pacquiao V dangerous for Marquez'

Posted at 02/19/13 8:25 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Legendary boxing trainer Nacho Beristain conceded that fight fans remain interested in seeing his boxer Juan Manuel Marquez fight Manny Pacquiao again.

However, he also recognized the risks Marquez has to face whenever he fights Pacquiao.

“It would be a dangerous fight,” the boxing coach said in Boxing Scene. “I have an obligation, as the person in charge of the corner, to look out for my fighter.”

Pacquiao and Marquez have already figured in four monumental clashes. Their first ended in a stalemate, while the next two grueling fights concluded in Pacquiao’s favor.

Marquez clinched the fourth by knocking out the Filipino champ in the sixth round.

Beristain said a fifth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez could make his boxer the highest paid in the history Mexican sports. However, he said the standing offer may not be sufficient given the risks involved.

"In Dubai, a prince is offering him $15 million tax-free dollars to fight an African opponent over there. ...There are other offers that are being reviewed,” Beristain said.

Still, he said he’ll leave it to his fighter to decide.

“I have to keep supporting him because he has been with me for 14 years. I will accept whatever he wants to do with great pleasure," Beristain said.

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