Roach says Floyd could be Pacquiao’s last fight

Posted at 12/09/11 4:28 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Boxing trainer Freddie Roach said his prized ward Manny Pacquiao could finally retire from boxing after fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"I think so… He's really into politics and so forth and politics is going to take him away from boxing that's for sure," Roach said in Boxingscene.com.

According to Pacquiao, negotiations are currently ongoing for the Mayweather bout.

The superfight is seen by many as the potentially most lucrative fight in recent years.

Roach said he feels that Pacquiao really wanted to concentrate in serving his countrymen.

“Politics is something he wants to be good at. I feel if we do fight Mayweather, win or lose I think it will be his last fight,” said the veteran boxing trainer.

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