Inihahandog po namin ang awiting ito bilang tanda ng aming taos-pusong pasasalamat sa inyo, mga Kapamilya, na naging susi sa pagbuo ng Kwento ng Pagbangon. Patuloy po tayong magbigay ng pag-asa.


Volunteer 1 Volunteer 1

If you want to volunteer, you can call ABS-CBN Foundation Sagip Kapamilya hotline 411-4995 for scheduling. Look for Jeng Del Rosario.

For your pledges, please contact us at:

411-0013 | 411-0014 | 411-0015 | 411-0182 | 411-0183

DZMM Helpline: 416-6300

Text DZMM <space> REACT <space> MESSAGE and send to 2366

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The following list of reported persons found is based on the updates from DZMM, Bayan Mo, iPatrol Mo (BMPM) and ABS-CBN News.

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