Battle for Calauit Island on "The Correspondents”

Posted at 07/21/08 1:33 PM


The island of Calauit has been home to many wild animals since its declaration as a wildlife sanctuary in 1977. More than a hundred animals from Kenya were brought to the island.

Calauit's natives, the Tagbanua tribes, were displaced with the formation of the sanctuary, and were forcibly moved to another island.

They have been reclaiming their ancestral lands and have even resorted to killing wildlife resources in the sanctuary in retaliation for being displaced.

Correspondent Atom Araullo examines the conflict in the island of Calauit, looks into the plight of the Tagbanuas, and the state of the wildlife sanctuary in "The Correspondents" on Tuesday (July 22) after "Bandila" on ABS-CBN.