This ensaymada has 1,200 calories

Posted at 08/07/13 01:16 PM
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The humble ensaymada, a common delicacy in the Philippines, turns into decadent and high-calorie treat.

Diamond Hotel in Manila serves an ensaymada filled with ube jam and topped with lots of butter and cheese. It packs 1,200 calories according to Chef Cercy Nacer, the hotel's head ensaymada baker.

Diamond Hotel's ensaymada takes a lot of time to prepare -- after waiting for the dough to rise, one needs to roll the it, fill it with ube jam, bake it in the oven, prepare a buttercream for the topping, add cheese, and microwave it for a few seconds.

"Ibang level [ang sarap], grabe," said "Kris TV" host Kris Aquino after trying the ensaymada.

Kris TV, August 7, 2013