Midas grilled on court holiday, WB funds

Posted at 01/30/12 03:47 PM
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Supreme Court Spokesman Jose Midas Marquez talks about the alleged "ineligible expenses" in a $21.9 million World Bank (WB) loan granted to the High Court.

Speaking to ANC's "Headstart", Marquez said a confidential World Bank aide memoire questioned about $200,000 (about P8 million) worth of financial transactions by the Supreme Court, which represents less than 1% of the total WB loan.

Marquez said an "ineligible expense" simply means that "you cannot charge it under the loan."

"It doesn't necessarily mean that it wasn't spent for some public purpose. Or if they don't want it under the loan, we can charge it to some other funding item," he said.

ABS-CBN News Channel, Headstart. January 30, 2012