Teditorial: Give, don't throw

As we give way to personal time this weekend, Teddy Locsin Jr. reminds us about the art of giving. Here's tonight's Teditorial.

Teditorial: Show us the money

As Manila remains locked in a territorial dispute with Beijing, Teddy Locsin Jr. gives a suggestion on how we can still benefit from China.

Teditorial: Circumcising scrota

While banks say the credit card industry is growing in the country, latest estimates show only 5 percent of the population use credit cards. In tonight's Teditorial, Teddy Locsin Jr. shares one reason why Filipinos could be turned off by plastic money.

Punto por Punto: Paliwanag ni PNoy sa DAP, sapat na ba?

MANILA - Punto por Punto host Anthony Taberna talks to Senator JV Ejercito and Lyceum College of Law dean Sol Mawis about President Aquino's speech defending the DAP.

Teditorial: Bastos

In tonight's Teditorial, Teddy Locsin Jr. gives his take on how we treat a medical condition in the age of social media.

Punto por Punto: Bentahan ng bigas, nagkakaroon ng sabwatan?

MANILA, Philippines - Punto por Punto host Anthony Taberna talks to National Food Authority spokesman Rex Estoperez about the alleged hoarding of rice by local traders.

Teditorial: Equality of internet speed

Early this year, the US Federal Communications Commission proposed a measure that will allow faster delivery of web content to those willing to pay more for it. Teddy Locsin Jr. tells us what he thinks about that in tonight's Teditorial.

Punto por Punto: PNoy, dapat nga ba na ma-impeach?

MANILA - Punto por Punto host Anthony Taberna discusses calls by some quarters to impeach President Aquino for the disbursement acceleration program.

Punto por Punto: Gigi Reyes, ikukulong sa QC jail?

MANILA, Philippines - Jessica "Gigi" Reyes, the former chief of staff of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, could soon be detained at the Quezon City Jail. Punto por Punto host Anthony Taberna talks to Jail Chief Supt. Diony Mamaril about the detention of the former Enrile aide.

Teditorial: The nobility of failure

Instead of noisemakers, Japanese fans held up plastic bags at the World Cup. And it's what they did with them after the match that caused a buzz across the globe. Here's tonight's Teditorial.